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Mega Mounts Wireless Car Charger / Mount

Introducing our wireless car charger. Wireless car mount chargers are in demand, as people don’t want messy cables in their cars. For your iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, or iPhone Xs Max, we have created a high-quality wireless car mount charger you can use in your car. You can either place our wireless car charger on your dashboard or air vent of your car. Once you put your iPhone on the charging pad, your device will quickly get charged. Wireless car chargers eliminate the need of keeping a charging cable with you. Furthermore, whenever you want to use your phone, you can quickly remove it from the charging stand.    

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Applying Our Metal Plates

- Our mounts include everything you need for your magnetic phone holder.  - The clear protective stickers are designed to prevent attaching the metal plate directly to your phone and protect your phone from getting scratched. Firstly stick the clear sticker on the back of your phone or phone case, then place the metal plate directly to it. This enables you to easily remove the metal plate from your phone when needed to.    

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